Our Tipi Fortress Package has been designed for older girls who’d love a special and magical sleepover space but feel a bit too old for the forts.

We still use our regular full-length single air mattresses (185cm) but remove the forts and instead setup our beautiful 2 metres high  5-post tipi as a backdrop to the party (handmade by us!).

The Big White Canvas Tipi is dressed in a gorgeous lace or sequinned overlay (or left plain white if preferred), decorated with faux greenery, thick cotton rope, luxe feathers and fairylights. Inside the tipi there’s room for a few friends at a time to sit inside (2m diameter), and the inside space has been styled with a large round rug, textured throw rugs and gorgeous cushions – including a few novelty ones for a bit of fun.

The Beds are perfectly made with exact precision and decorated with a couple of glamorous throw cushions each. Hand scripted place cards welcome each guest individually to their bed.
A timber tray is laid on the end of each bed with amenities including a silky eye mask,  torch, tooth brush kit (these items to be kept by guests), and a hotel-quality facewasher tied with ribbon and little white lantern to use for the night.

Room Lighting…Mason jars of wire fairylights and gold metal lanterns filled with a cluster of LED pillar candles (and more fairylights) are placed around the room to create an equal amount of light to a Blanket Fort Design Package.

Please note…we have had girls right up to age 16 sleep in our normal Blanket Fort tents comfortably…it really is a matter of preference and we are happy for either setup style for teen girls.

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