Fortful Extras

Build on to your selected Blanket Fort with our Fortful Extras.

Our Fortful Extras are our signature hire items and party activities. We’ve designed them to get your guests talking, laughing, sharing and making, and more importantly, we’ve designed them to be self-facilitated (so the crew can entertain themselves!) and cost-effective.

Our Catalogue of Fortful Extras, including pricing, is being continually updated with fresh ideas and we’d love to send it to you upon request. Email us to have a squiz – we’d love to send it to you.

Some of our most popular items are:

  • The ‘Ultimate Tentfold Invitations’ – a set of freestanding mini teepee invitations
  • Our seriously adorable faux indoor campfire…complete with fabric logs and campfire glow and shaggy ‘grass’ rug
  • Matching Pillow Fight! basket of mini pillows
  • The Bonding Ball – a ball covered in fun talking points to get the guests sharing, caring and laughing.
  • Nail Bar – deluxe DIY mini manicure station for the gang
  • Red Carpet Popcorn Bar – we style, you fill
  • Our Party Picnic Trestle & Floor Cushion set – the PERFECT ultra-low height to plonk down at for pizza and cake
  • …and more!