Fort Design Package

It’s where it all began…Our fantastic Blanket Fort  Design Package creates a special one-night-only world for your DAUGHTER and her best friends to bond, sleep and party in.

We take great pride in making and including an array of cosy, creative and stylish touches that have been especially designed for maximum joy and comfort.

Photo by our wonderful client Nicole Butler Photography

We include:

  • the bedding (including full size single air mattresses and a lightweight quilt)
  • the tent decorations and cushions,
  • the lights – wound around the front of every tent, with more strung across the top for good glowy measure – there’s about 460 tiny individual lights per booking of 6 kids!
  • trays and lanterns on the beds
  • souvenir guest amenities for the children to keep and take home (hotel style dental kit, coloured LED torches and colourful silk eye masks)
  • handwritten place cards for the beds, on our signature mini tent row cards
  • personalised glossy poster-quality Welcome Sign for the bday girl to keep
  • setup and packdown
  • return delivery on the day of the party and the morning after
  • vaccumming the party space
  • Not to mention all of the boring but professional stuff that sets us apart from the rest…like an ABN, insurance, handmade tents, scale floorplans, safety checks, spare mattresses and pumps etc.

What do you need to do? Invite the guests, tell them to bring their pjs and pillows. Look at our measurements, check it fits and clear the room. Add food (pizza anyone?). Add cake. Get them to bed (more of a challenge..but hey it is a sleepover party after all!)

AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2021 COSTS (in line with current NSW residential visitor restrictions)

Costs include return local delivery within 30mins of Ashtonfield… additional delivery fees apply beyond this

  • 4 Tents & return local delivery… $260 incl GST
  • 5 Tents & return local delivery… $310 incl GST
  • 6 Tents & return local delivery… $363 incl GST


We create and style complete Fort Designs  for our Blanket Fort: from the  colours of the covers, to the garlands on top, to the tags on the toothbrush. Our list of Fort Designs is ever-evolving (pretty much whenever the fabric shop has a sale and we fall in love with something new!) so follow us on Facebook to check out all the latest creative looks as they happen!

Have a browse below at our Fort Designs Slideshows…we’ve categorised them to get you started.

Dreamy & Pastel
  • Pink & Lace
Bright & Pretty
  • Purple Sparkles

Tropical & Ocean Girls

  • Summer Lovin'
  • Blue Lace

Modern Pop

  • Shiny Disco Fort
Premium Fort Designs – Storybook & Film Themes – additional setup cost applies for the extra decorative inclusions and time involved in these themes
  • Harry Potter